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The Rising Success of the Emergency Child Care Bridge Program

Recently Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) was highlighted in EdSource for the considerable impact and continued success of our Emergency Child Care Bridge Program (ECC). Over the span of last year, CCRC worked with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to design and implement the ECC. The ECC program is designed to provide child care and resources for those who take in foster children between the ages of birth to five, with additional services for siblings.

Last year, we launched our Family Well Being Department which led the ECC program. The intent was to aid foster parents who may hesitate to take in foster children due to the lack of access to child care and mental health services immediately following the removal of a child. Because of separation and linked trauma, most children frequently exhibit behavioral issues, attachment disorders, and a long list of indicators that their overall well-being and development may be affected. Our program emphasizes three main priorities, safety, well-being, and permanency.

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In addition to providing mental health services for the child and family, one of our main objectives is to work with child care providers to provide Trauma Informed Care (TIC) trainings. Through ECC, child care providers receive hands-on coaching, where they learn crucial strategies and are equipped with the tools to care for children in foster care. A healthy child starts with a healthy environment. This program ensures that the vital figures in a displaced child’s life are encouraged and better able to support them.

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Due to the success of this program, Senate Bill 89, instituted that each child care resource and referral program statewide will be mandated to provide a child care navigator to support children in foster care, children previously in foster care upon return to their home of origin, and children of parents involved in the child welfare system. We are extremely proud of this program and our administration for spearheading the pilot last year. We are proud to see it grow and appreciate publications like EdSource for showcasing what we do and why.

Check out the video below for a better understanding of this program and the services we offer. For more information on trauma informed care and the ECC program, contact Rosario Williams, [email protected], 661-789-1200.

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