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Winners of CCRC early child education and provider recognition campaign

Early education is a critical component of a child’s development and has lasting impacts throughout a child’s life.

We asked parents and community members to nominate an outstanding early educator or child care provider who deserves recognition and the response was incredible!

Out of the 360 names submitted to Child Care Resource Center, we selected 40 names at random across Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties to receive a special “thank you.” Here are our special honorees:


The early educators and child care providers selected at random are being awarded a self-care kit designed to promote relaxation and reduce stress. We are so thankful to our Early Educators for their tireless work educating and caring for our children not just during the pandemic, but always.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination. If your child care provider or early educator didn’t win, here are some great, simple ways to show your appreciation:

  • Send a thank you card to share your words of appreciation.
  • Have children draw pictures to send to providers.
  • Send messages of gratitude to providers through a text or email.
  • Video chat with your provider to say “thank you” face-to-face.
  • Post a thank you on social media.
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