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A Colorful Winter Wonderland

The holidays have come and gone but the cold is here to stay. We know a great way to enjoy the cold outside with comfort of being indoors. With the help of The Artful Parent, we bring you a Rainbow Winter Wonderland featuring rainbow ice sculptures.

Not only is this a fun and exciting activity for your little ones, but it is a great learning opportunity as well. During the course of this activity you will be measuring, counting, mixing and building. All wonderful things. To spark your child’s interest math and boost their cognitive and motor development.

What will you need?

  • Ice tray, Cups, muffin tins, and bowls of various sizes and shapes
  • Water
  • Food coloring or liquid watercolors
  • A sheet or towels you don’t mind getting dirty 
  • Measuring cup

Step 1

Use your ice tray, muffin tins, bowls and cups of various sizes and fill them with water. Use this opportunity to use your measuring cup. Challenge you children to fill their basin with different amounts of water. Encourage them to practice their numbers. For an added challenge, let them pour the water. Allowing them to pour increases their motor function and hand eye coordination.

WW Pic 2

Step 2

Add your food coloring. Take this opportunity to mix and match colors. Let your child be a little scientist and test their knowledge on color combinations.

Step 3

Put your colorful water containers in the freezer. Let sit for a minimum of four hours.

Step 4

Once frozen, run containers under warm water to loosen and remove ice.

Step 5

Lay your sheet over a flat surface and enjoy! If you use these sculpture in conjunction with our Erupting Frozen Activity, you’ll surely have yourself a Rainbow Winter Wonderland.

Block n Ice

The fake snow may cling to the ice and that’s okay. You can just rinse and repeat. Show your kids how the ice slowly starts to melt the more you rinse. Use this opportunity to talk to your kids about the different forms of matter, solid, liquid and gas.

You can’t beat that science, math and most importantly fun! We you enjoy this activity. Tag CCRC4Kids on social media, and let us know when you give it a try!

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