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What is child care?

What is Child Care: Exploring Benefits, Types, and Assistance Options Child care is essential to our economy, enabling parents to work or attend school. During the pandemic, we saw just how critical this service is when child care centers closed…
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A Day Without Child Care

Just days after Governor Gavin Newsom announced plans to slash from the state budget thousands of child care slots and critical funding for foster children, family advocates came together for National A Day Without Child Care. The rally was held…
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Dinosaur excavation craft for kids

Warmer weather has arrived and during those really hot days, this cool dinosaur excavation craft will help kids beat the heat. Children will love the opportunity to become an archaeologist for the day! Plus, it’s a great way for young…
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Families in Baker grateful for CCRC support, supplies

When our community partner came to us for help supplying children in Baker with important educational materials and other supplies, CCRC’s Resource and Referral Division sprang into action. Many families in Baker are sharing trailers and are living in the…
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Access child development screenings, family resources

Assessing children’s milestones at a young age can lead to early identification and intervention of potential developmental delays. But many children never receive this important assessment, which is why CCRC is offering child development screenings for eligible families. CCRC is…
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