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Thankful turkey craft

Friends and family often gather on Thanksgiving for a shared meal as a symbol of gratitude for one another, good health, well-being and other gifts. Giving thanks is an important value for children to learn and this turkey craft allows…
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Healthy kid-friendly fall recipes

During the fall season, it’s easy to indulge in the sugary sweetness of caramel apples, pumpkin pie, and Halloween candy. But all those empty calories do little to nourish growing bodies. These healthy fall snack ideas will entertain your children…
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Shining a light on domestic violence

“Trauma may happen to you, but it can never define you.” ― Melinda Longtin Home is a safe haven for some, but others may see their home as a war zone filled with trauma, fear, and pain. This month of Domestic…
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Spooky spider craft for some fall time fun

The fall season is typically cooler and many of us associate the shift in weather with changing leaves, pumpkins and creepy crawlers. This craft gives kids a chance to make their own eight-legged creatures with popsicle sticks and cotton balls.…
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Track the weather with this fun craft

In southern California, we’re fortunate to have sunshine much of the year. In fact, Los Angeles is sunny on average 284 days of the year. Sometimes it’s cloudy, other days windy, and on rare occasions, we see rain. Teaching children…
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