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Rainy day color craft

On a rainy day, finding ways to entertain little ones can be a challenge. But this activity actually requires some rain to make the fun. Teach your children about colors and blending while using the precipitation to your advantage. This craft can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

What you will need: Several glass or clear plastic cups and food coloring (red, yellow and blue). A paint brush and thick paper are optional.


Step 1: Have your child place several drops of a single food coloring tube in one glass. Repeat this action so that each cup has about 5-6 droplets of a single color.

Step 2: Place the cups outside on the porch, a ledge or somewhere they will catch rain droplets.

Step 3: After the cups have collected at least two inches of water, bring them inside for observation. Give each cup a light swirl so the coloring dissolves uniformly into the water. Your child will note that the water in each cup is a distinct color.

Step 4: Use a set of fresh cups to begin mixing colors. Follow this combination series to produce new colors:

  • Red + yellow = orange
  • Blue + yellow = green
  • Red + blue = purple
  • Purple + green + orange = brown

You can explain to your child that red, yellow and blue are primary colors that help create all other colors, except white. If you have a paint brush and thick paper, your child can use these colors to make a watercolor painting.

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