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Thankful turkey craft

Friends and family often gather on Thanksgiving for a shared meal as a symbol of gratitude for one another, good health, well-being and other gifts. Giving thanks is an important value for children to learn and this turkey craft allows them to think about what and who they hold dear. This craft is best suited for children 6 and older.

To make this craft, you will need colorful construction paper, markers, glue stick, and scissors (to be used by the adult).

  1. Children can outline their hands with a marker on various page of construction paper. The brown is typically the turkey’s body, while red, yellow, blue and green can be used for the feathers.
  2. Once the child traces his or her hand on a page, stack a few colors behind it and (the adult) cut out the handprint from the stack. This will result in several colorful hands.
  3. Children can use the glue stick to adhere the different colored hands to the back of the brown hand so it looks like feathers.
  4. Instruct the children to draw a face on their turkey using the markers.
  5. Now they can consider what they are thankful for. You might prompt them with words like “family,” “friends,” “food,” or “pets.”
  6. Children can use the markers to write one thing on each feather hand that they are thankful for.

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