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Build children’s brains with simple activities around the house

Did you know that every single time that you connect with a child it’s an opportunity to grow their mind? Vroom makes it easy for parents and caregivers to find fun new ways to turn everyday moments — like bath time and mealtime — into invaluable brain building moments. With great activities for bright young learners, Vroom helps develop a super strong foundation for kids’ future learning.

Here are a few Vroom activities for children ages 0-5:

Dance Party for ages 0-1
Turn up the music and hold your child as you dance around. C’mon, get silly. No one’s watching!

Brainy background: Closely paying attention to movements and sounds
is an early step in listening for sounds — a reading skill.

Baby Chef for ages 1-2
Pop baby in a highchair and talk back and forth about what you’re making. If it’s safe, give them food to try while you’re cooking it.

Brainy background: Inviting children to explore new things while you’re cooking builds natural curiosity, preparing them for success in school and beyond.

Pocket Cleaners for ages 2-3
Let your child help you empty your pockets — one thing at a time — and tell them about your day, and where the items came from.

Brainy background: You’re helping your child learn about your world, and building their vocabulary, by sharing stories about your day. Plus, kids just love to hear about that sort of stuff!

Clean Clothes for ages 3-4
Have your child find where clean clothes go on shelves and in drawers while you’re putting away laundry next time. If they guess something different than where you’d normally put it, talk about why you’d put it somewhere else.

Brainy background: Learning to group objects into categories by figuring out what’s the same and what’s different sparks connections in your child’s developing brain.

Salty-Sweet Showcase for ages 4-5
Let your child try a bit of salt, then some sugar, next time you’re in the kitchen. Talk about which one your child likes better and how they taste. Ask them which foods taste like they might have salt and which foods taste like they could have sugar.

Brainy background: Thinking like a scientist and using the senses helps children understand the world around them. And having back and forth conversations about these discoveries further enriches the experience.

For more Vroom brain building activities like these, check out this PDF.

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Vroom turns shared moments into brain building moments.

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