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Child care providers invited to join CCRC’s virtual story time

When children hear a story, they’re not only entertained but they sharpen their cognitive skills. Child Care Resource Center is hosting a series of free virtual story time sessions that take place four days each week.

The program is designed to develop language and communication skills, use context and pictures to help identify new words, engage in exploration and awareness of the world around them, develop an understanding of themselves, their community, and their culture.

Story time is beneficial to children even before they can walk and talk. Studies on the subject found that reading stories to young children help widen their attention spans, boost emotional intelligence, and encourage creativity.

Our virtual story time is held over Zoom and lasts a half hour. Child care providers are invited to join the free sessions with the children in their care.

If you are interested in attending, please complete the registration form to join the story time sessions or view contact information. Click here to view the event calendar and to sign up.

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