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Dinosaur excavation craft for kids

Warmer weather has arrived and during those really hot days, this cool dinosaur excavation craft will help kids beat the heat. Children will love the opportunity to become an archaeologist for the day! Plus, it’s a great way for young ones to develop fine motor skills while learning about dinosaurs and excavation.

This activity is best for children age 3 to 10. You can pair it with educational materials about the Jurassic period.

Courtesy: Mombrite

Here’s what you need:

  • Balloons
  • Water
  • Small dinosaur figurines
  • 1” wide paint brush and/or kitchen sponge with bristle side


Fill a balloon with water, then push a small dinosaur figurine into the balloon. Tie the balloon and place it in the freezer. Repeat this with as many balloons as you’d like.

Let the balloons chill in the freezer overnight. They should be solid when pressed. Take the balloons out of the freezer and snip off the balloon knot with scissors (an adult should do this). Peel off the latex to reveal a round globe of ice with a dinosaur frozen inside.

Show your child how to dip the paint brush in water and brush the globe to begin melting the ice. Alternatively, you can use a scrubber brush to chip away at the ice. As the ice melts or dusts off, the dinosaur is revealed.

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