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Engaging summer activities to keep babies, preschoolers and kids entertained

Summer’s all about getting outside and making the most of that beautiful warm weather. Whether your kids are on summer vacation or your infant’s just learning to walk, there’s plenty you can do to help them celebrate the season. So, go ahead and enjoy that summer sun while trying out some of these fun activities.

Stop by the farmers’ market with your baby

With all the people, vendors and activities going on, your local farmers’ market is the perfect place to take a baby. Show off all the beautifully colored fruits, veggies and herbs to your infant, and let them touch, look at and smell each one. Tell them the names of each item to help them learn. They’ll love it. You’ll love their smiles.

If it’s a super hot day or you don’t live near a farmers’ market, this activity also works great at the grocery store.

For more activities to do with your real little one this summer, visit mom

Color the tree (well…not really) with your preschooler

This outdoor activity really builds your preschooler’s fine motor skills and lets their creativity soar. And all you need to make it happen is packing tape, old crayons (without their wrappers) and a big piece of paper (easel paper works great!). If you don’t have that, try using a paper bag. Computer or notebook paper works well, too!

Once you’ve taped the paper around the tree, let your preschooler get to coloring. Try giving him or her different ways to rub the crayons on the tree — horizontally, vertically, in circles. Then step back and admire what you guys created together.

Check out some pics of this fun activity, from I can TEACH my child.

Create a slippery slip ‘n slide – fun for the whole family

What kid doesn’t love a slip ‘n slide!? It’s a great way to get kids outside for a while and keep them active. This one only requires a few things: large plastic sheeting (the bigger the better!) or camping tarp, a water hose and some shampoo. Just lay out the plastic tarp, really wet it with water and leave the hose on the plastic sheeting to keep it wet and then make it slippery with the shampoo!

Now it’s time to slide. Show the kids how it’s done. This really does make for big laughs with the whole family. So, grab your phone or camera to snap some of these hilarious moments (be careful not to get it wet!). 

Thank you for the great idea, happy hooligans! For more information and pictures, please click here.

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