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iHeart Radio highlights CCRC’s work making child care accessible

If you tune in to iHeart Radio, you may have recently heard the voice of CCRC Vice President and COO Ellen Cervantes talking about job openings at CCRC, helping families pay for child care, and the many other great resources we make available to families in our community.

Chatting with iHeart SoCal Radio Host Lisa Foxx, Ellen gave insights on CCRC’s different programs aimed at supporting new parents, recruiting and training new early educators, preschool and more. Since the agency opened its doors in 1976, Ellen says the calls for resources and referrals have increased substantially.

“We make it as easy as possible to find a good quality child care provider and we also have government programs that allow us to assist in the payment of child care,” said Ellen. The cost of child care in California is among the most expensive nationwide and Ellen shared with Lisa that many families don’t realize CCRC can help pay for child care.

As Ellen explained in the segment, CCRC administers programs that support a family’s child care decisions and makes payments to their chosen child care provider. Programs like these benefit hundreds of thousands of working families by prioritizing a parent’s ability to choose child care based on their work schedule and child’s developmental needs. Click here to learn more and see if your family qualifies.

Ellen also discussed job opportunities for those looking to work in child care.

“The jobs we need the most are in the classroom with kids. We need teachers and assistant teachers in our Head Start program and that’s always a great place to work, especially if you love kids. Then we do have our child care subsidy support jobs that help people find out which child care funding they’re eligible for then get them enrolled in that funding for their own child care support.”

Click here to see a complete list of job openings at CCRC.

Our efforts to distribute supplies to hundreds of families and child care providers were also highlighted in the radio segment. CCRC also played a pivotal role during the pandemic, relaying information to providers and families about closures, restrictions and health and safety guidelines.

We make phone calls to people who are providing child care to see how they’re doing, particularly during this COVID time, we ‘ve been keeping in touch to find out which programs are open and which programs have room for what aged children,” Ellen said. “That’s something we do on a regular basis. We also do a lot of training. Child care providers do this work because they love children and they want to do a good job, they want to do a great job.”

Thanks to iHeart Radio for spotlighting the great work we do and our ongoing efforts to strengthen children, families and our community.

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