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LA City Council employee attributes career success to CCRC child care support

Just a few years before she accepted a position in the office of L.A. City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, Rebecca Gurrola found herself in need of family support. As a survivor of domestic violence, Rebecca connected with Child Care Resource Center to access the resources she would need to give her child a better life.

“I was in a domestic violence relationship, so I am a survivor,” shares Rebecca. “I decided to leave when my son was 3 months old. I wanted to break the cycle of domestic violence.”

Without consistent income or housing, raising a child as a young, single mother proved difficult.

“Before I had my son, I had my high school diploma and I wasn’t goal oriented at all. And after I had him, I wanted to be a positive role model. But it was really difficult to find child care. I also had to go to work because I had to provide for my son by myself.”

CCRC connected Rebecca with affordable child care, so she could work and provide for her child.

She earned her degree and began a career at the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. Rebecca spent six years at the Worksource/Youthsource Centers. Last fall, she accepted a job as the Homelessness Deputy and Caseworker with Councilman Blumenfield.

“I’m really happy to be a part of his team,” she says.

With a deep knowledge in homelessness and domestic violence matters, she connects unhoused constituents to the correct agencies while advocating on their behalf. She also serves as a liaison with City departments and members of the public.

“Now that I’ve been working with the unhoused for three years, I love it,” she says. “I feel anyone could be there at any given moment.”

Reflecting on her journey, surviving domestic violence, obtaining a degree, and going on to work within the city council, Rebecca is proud to be a mother her son can look up to.

“Through CCRC, I was able to make it to where I am today, and it wouldn’t be possible without your program,” Rebecca shares.

Learn more about CCRC’s programs: Head Start, Home Visiting, Help Me Grow LA, Family Resource Directory.

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