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Mother nature makes music with this wind chime craft

The gentle breeze can create soft, whimsical melodies with the help of a wind chime.

Children will love this hands-on DIY wind chime project that utilizes found items and everyday objects you already have on hand. Once you and your child have created your music-maker, find an outdoor spot near a window where the wind can catch the chimes and flood your home with sound.

You will need a stick or a pole, string, scissors, tape or glue, and objects that make a sound when they bump together, such as extra keys, old silver wear, beads or some kind of small metal disc (washers and coins will work). This activity guide from has some other great ideas. As a word of caution, parents should handle the steps that involve scissors.



  1. Wrap the string around the stick or pole so that it’s covered. Take a single piece of string and tie each end to the pole to form a loop or hanger.
  2. Tie, glue or tape a single piece of string to a single item, such as a key.
  3. Repeat step 2 several times until you have at least five pieces to tie to your base (tip: keep the string about the same length so the items will make contact with each other when they sway in the wind).
  4. Tie the strings around the base about 2” to 3” apart.
  5. Enjoy your new wind chime!

This project can be kept simple for younger children or, for older kids, try threading beads onto the string for added flair.


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