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Parents: Free tool connects you with child development experts ASAP

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An infant named Zach smiles when his mother sings to him but she’s concerned because her baby doesn’t lift himself up like other babies his age. Though early childhood development is a journey unique to each child, a parent may want to consult a professional with concerns about developmental and emotional delays. But finding that professional support isn’t always easy. CCRC is part of Help Me Grow L.A. Pathways, which connects families with the resources they need to support their whole family when they need it.

The brain develops rapidly during the first five years of a person’s life, so early intervention in the delay of motor, cognitive, emotional, and social skills can have a significant impact on a child such as Zach, who needs developmental support.

Help Me Grow improves existing referral pathways and streamlines the experience to provide families with non-medical resources, such as early screening, education, and community resources. The system reinforces community-based pediatricians by enhancing their effective developmental supports and early detection activities for all children and families. Through this service, CCRC manages referrals internally to the CCRC programs and externally to partners CDI, FRECC (CSUN), Antelope Valley Public Health (AVPH), North Los Angeles County Regional Center (NLACRC), San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center, Inc. (SFVCMHC), among other partners, through a centralized access point called Unite Us. Upon a referral from one of our partners, Help Me Grow contacts the family and connects them with the services they require. We later follow up to ensure the family received the services they needed.

The national Help Me Grow model puts it this way: A network of community resources works like a power grid. When the grid functions well, families can plug in to an organized flow of resources and easily access the ones they need. The system features a centralized access point for resources, family and community outreach, child health provider outreach and data collection and analysis. 

Catching developmental delays early allows families to intervene with useful tools to support their child’s health and wellbeing. The Centers for Disease Control offers a free milestone tracker app called “Learn the Signs. Act Early,” which provides an easy-to-use illustrated checklist, videos, and tips to help you encourage your child’s development up to age 5. Learn more about it on their website.

You know your child best. If you have a concern about your child’s development, we invite you to contact us and one of our specialists will get you connected with the support systems you need. Early intervention works! If you have a concern about your child’s development, Help Me Grow is here to connect you and help ensure you get the early screenings and community resources you need.

The program is made possible thanks to funding from First5 LA, a nonprofit that supports the safe and healthy development of young children.

Get more information about Help Me Grow LA here.

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