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Playgroups offer enriching environment for child development

Interaction between children is key to developing their early emotional and social skills, but it’s also a great way for parents to find a sense of community. CCRC hosts a series of play groups that allow children to play together in a safe, enriching environment.

“I didn’t necessarily want to pay for daycare but I wanted somewhere where they could interact with other children and I could interact with other parents as well,” says Alicia Pena, who attends the play groups with her 4-year-old daughter Luna. “My daughter learned how to stand because they had a ball pit and it was the perfect size, she was slowly building her strength and she stood up for the first time.”

Children and their caregivers are invited to engage with other participants while singing songs, reading stories, and participating in interactive activities. During our weekly sessions, CCRC early childhood experts guide caregivers and their child through interactive activities and provide the tools and resources to create quality early childhood experiences at home.

“Kids were in a tough boat when COVID hit and I feel like having CCRC and that motivation to still try to do these activities that were nourishing to their minds and interactive, it was great,” says Alicia.

A series of in person play groups are taking place every Wednesday in San Bernardino from May 10 through June 8. Register here to participate in this free activity.

A virtual option is also available to families living in the San Fernando and Antelope Valleys, starting March 29 through May 17. Register here for the virtual play group. Playgroups are intended for parents or family, friend, and relative caregivers. If you are a child care professional, please reach out to us about other options that are available.

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