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Setting resolutions for the New Year with your child


The New Year is a time when many people make resolutions to improve themselves or achieve new goals.

If your child is old enough to write even simple sentences, then he or she can join you in jotting down some hopes and dreams for 2021. This activity not only helps your child learn about setting goals but challenges them to express these ideas in writing. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Read 10 books

Write this goal at the top of the page and include 10 lines underneath the goal. Once your child finishes reading a book, he or she can record it on one of the lines. Seeing the titles of completed books on the page should inspire your child to read more in order to reach this goal. You can also download a free book log from

Ride a bike

If your child can’t yet ride a bike, maybe he or she would like to make that a goal for this coming year. With this goal comes a necessary lesson on safety, wearing a helmet and looking both ways before riding. Once your child is successful at riding the bike, he or she can record notes in a journal about the accomplishment and how it felt.

Tie shoes

Maybe you have a younger child who isn’t able to tie his or her shoes just yet. This year might be the year to achieve this goal. Documenting this accomplishment with a photo, recording the date and a reaction to the accomplishment is a nice way for your child to reflect on this achievement at the end of 2021.

Grow a plant

Like any goal, successfully growing a plant from a seed takes time and attention. Pick out a packet of seeds, some soil, and a pot with your child. Write down the goal and under those words, leave an area for your child to write his or her observations about the plant as it grows. This focus on small details will keep your child engaged and excited as the plant begins to sprout. Find some helpful tips and suggestions from

Depending on your child’s interest, there are a number of different goals your child can identify. From improving his or her grade in math to building a model airplane, the options are unlimited. Goal setting is an important skill to cultivate early in life and creating these New Year’s resolutions alongside your child will show him or her that it’s a useful skill for adults, too.

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