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Smile Starter: Sugar Writing Tray

When it comes to learning the ABCs and 123s, practice makes perfect. However, having kids write letters and numbers with pencil and paper can get a bit repetitive. So why not shake things up (literally) with this fun, yet simple, sugar writing tray? It’ll change the way children learn.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sugar
  • An unsharpened pencil
  • Printed out/handwritten letters
  • Printed out/handwritten numbers
  • A shallow box/tray (to hold the sugar)

 Here’s what to do:

  • Print or handwrite letters and numbers for the child to recreate in sugar. (This is a great worksheet that shows kids how to write letters and numbers: Click here to print.)
  • Cover the bottom of the tray/box with sugar.
  • Give the child the pencil, or just have them use their finger, to practice writing a number or letter in the sugar.
  • After they’ve written a letter or number, show them how to shake the tray and erase what they’ve done so they can start again.

Thanks for the great idea, Hellobee! For more information and pictures, please visit Hellobee.

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