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Take the Learning and Fun Outside

Summer is here and our beautiful southern California weather makes it hard to stay inside. While shelter in place is still in effect for Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, you can safely set up activities in your backyard that your children will love! Here’s a list of activities we love because you can use what you have at home and you can change them up weekly.

Decorate the Backyard with Painted Rocks

Add color to your outdoor and indoor space.

You will need: Acrylic paint, paintbrushes and rocks

Chalk Away!

Let the Picasso in you come out.

You will need: Chalk and a clear surface to draw on

Outside activities

Outdoor Picnic

Take your favorite meal outside! Set up a blanket and a picnic basket. Let the kids be involved by building the menu and prepping the food.

If you are using this activity at child care environment, we advise you set up individual servings in advance and don’t allow kids to share utensils.

You will need: Snacks/lunch, blanket and a picnic basket

Outside activities 2

Obstacle Course

You can never go wrong with an obstacle course. You will need: Use what you have at home, for example: balls,

hula hoops, ropes, boxes, potato sacks, cones, etc.

Scavenger Hunt in the Backyard

We love this activity! Look around your backyard and create a list of items kids need to find. Think of different colors, shapes and textures. Next week, change the list and you have a whole new activity! A bonus brain development activity, ask the kids to explain each item they find!

You will need: items that can be found in your backyard

Water Balloon Fun

Kids love to play with water and especially during the summer heat.

You will need: Balloon and a water hose

Outdoor activities 3

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