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Try these brain-building Vroom interactions with children ages 0-5

You already have what it takes to be a brain builder and positively impact the first five years of a child’s life. With Vroom, you can make the most of fun everyday moments like singing, talking and playing — and help set children up for a lifetime of success.

Vroom provides parents and caregivers with over 1,000 bite-size, brain building interactions that already fit in their daily routines.

Here are a few Vroom interactions to try:

  • Dance party for children ages 0-1

Your child may not be walking or talking yet, but with your help, they can definitely boogie. So turn on some music and hold your child as you dance around. When you’re sitting down together, shake your arms to the music and see if your child can do the same!

Brainy background: Paying attention to sounds and movements is an early step in listening for sounds — a reading skill.

  • Blanket box for children ages 1-2

Put a spoon or one of your child’s toys inside a box. Cover it with a blanket and say, “Bye-bye.” Then pull the blanket off and say, “Hello.” Do it again. Now it’s your child’s turn. What does he/she do? What do you think your child is thinking?

Brainy background: Your child is learning that something exists even when he/she can’t see it, and is learning to hold a picture of something in his/her mind. This thinking skill is necessary for imagination, creativity, and using letters to stand for sounds in reading.

  • Laundry sense for children ages 2-3

Give your child a chance to explore textures when you’re putting away laundry. Before you fold, pass them to your child first and ask him/her how each feels. Is it soft, rough, thin, heavy? What else feels that way?

Brainy background: This game helps your child “think like a detective” because he/she is using his/her senses (including touch) to understand the world around him/her.

  • Light show for children ages 3-4

Turn playtime into a lightshow with your child. Lift your child so he/she can reach a light switch, or let him/her stand on a steady chair (stay close to keep him/her safe). Say “on” or “off” and see if your child can flip the switch to match your words. Then let your child take a turn calling out directions to you!

Brainy background: This game teaches your child about how one action causes another (cause and effect). When one of you flips the switch, talk about how the lights turn off and on. It’s also the chance for your child to hear new words like “flip” and “electricity.”

  • Name that clothing for children ages 4-5

Try getting dressed a new way this morning! Lay your child’s clothes out, but instead of asking him/her to find his/her pants, ask him/her, “Can you find the clothes you wear on your legs? On your feet?” Keep playing until your child is dressed.

Brainy background: This new way of dressing gives your child practice using information he/she is holding in his/her mind — what scientists call your child’s “working memory.” Using information you know in different ways helps lead to success in school and success in life!

For more activities like these, download the free Daily Vroom app.

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