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Event Series Playgroups in Victorville

Playgroup [In person – Victorville]

Join us for an in-person playgroup experience in Victorville! Each week our early childhood experts will plan activities that encourage adult-child interaction and all experiences are based on topics that will prepare children for success in school and life. Children and their caregivers will sing songs, read stories, and participating in interactive activities. Parents and...

Event Series Playgroup [Virtual]

Playgroup [Virtual]


Children and their caregivers are invited to join us from the comfort of their home in our virtual Playgroup series! Each week, our early childhood experts will guide you and your child as you partcipate in interactive activities, sing songs, read stories, and more! They will also share tools and resources to create quality early childhood experiences...

Physical Vitality Parent Café – [Virtual]


CCRC invites parents and community members to our Parent Café on Physical Vitality. Through guided conversation participants will join in conversation about our journey to overall well-being when it comes to feeling healthy, capable and energetic. Click here to register! For more information, please email Valerie at [email protected]

The Growing Brain: Understanding Behavior


CCRC invites you to our upcoming training on the Growing Brain with a focus on Understanding Behavior. In this training, participants will: - Understand the anatomy of the brain and how it influences children’s behavior - Examine the connection between the various areas of the brain and how these connections are expressed through behavior -...

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