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Playgroup – In person [Victorville]

Join us for an in-person playgroup experience in Victorville! Each week our early childhood experts will plan activities that encourage adult-child interaction throughout the session and beyond. All activities and experiences are based on topics that will prepare children for success. Children and their caregivers will engage with other participants while singing songs, reading stories, and...

Event Series Playgroup [Virtual]

Playgroup [Virtual]


Children and their caregivers are invited to join us from the comfort of their home in our virtual Playgroup series! Each week, our early childhood experts will guide you and your child as you participate in interactive activities, sing songs, read stories, and more! They will also share tools and resources to create quality early...

Flip It! Transforming Challenging Behaviors [Victorville]

CCRC Victorville Office

Parent trainings provide tools to strengthen, foster, and support parents’ and caregivers’ knowledge in child development! Join us at our Victorville office for our training  Flip It! Transforming Challenging Behavior to learn how you can respond positively to everyday challenging behaviors when it comes to your children 3-8 years old. FLIP IT (F=feelings, L=limits, I=inquiries, and...