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Access child development screenings, family resources

Assessing children’s milestones at a young age can lead to early identification and intervention of potential developmental delays. But many children never receive this important assessment, which is why CCRC is offering child development screenings for eligible families.

CCRC is conducting pilot programs for families and child care providers to connect them with screenings and tools, information, resources and individualized support. The program is designed to help families with children birth to age 5 and it’s currently available to families in San Bernardino County and the Antelope Valley. We plan to expand the program to San Fernando Valley families in late spring.

“We are trying to identify early on any challenges children may have at a young age,” said CCRC Clinical Program Manager Erika Alvarez. “Whether it’s for speech, fine motor, occupational therapy, maybe they’re not doing well socializing with other kids. It helps them do well in child care, preschool, in other social settings. We want to prevent any challenges they may be encountering and provide info and knowledge to the parents and guide them to the right path so they can have success early on and get back on track. Parents sometimes don’t know what they don’t know.”

Case Manager evaluating child as he plays with toys

Alvarez said some of the support services will follow a child through school to ensure there aren’t gaps in their development assistance.

In addition to child development screenings, we offer families assessments of their finances, health, employment, and other important services like referrals for legal issues, housing, and trauma counseling.

Interested families can visit the Developmental Care Coordination Program page on our website to learn more and connect with a Care Coordinator. Los Angeles County families can utilize Help Me Grow for a comprehensive array of services.

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