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CCRC thanks lawmakers working to avoid government shutdown

The government shutdown that was narrowly avoided in September will once again threaten critical funding for children and families when the budget comes due November 17. CCRC is grateful to lawmakers who are working hard to avoid a shutdown, which would imperil safeguards for some of the nation’s most vulnerable.

Thanks to federal and state funding, CCRC is able to ensure access to subsidized child care for over 27,000 families. We serve over 75,000 children and families, in total through other programs and services. Our agency’s research division found that 96% of parents surveyed said they were able to keep their job because of stable child care, while this stability allowed 94% of respondents to accept a new job. Families rely on federal and state funds to help pay for the steep cost of child care so they can work. Child care is an essential component of our nation’s economy. Read our full report on how CCRC programs help children and families thrive.

“We are extremely grateful to legislators and advocates for their tireless efforts to increase access to child care for working families over the last few years,” said Research Director Susan Savage. “As the pandemic raged and then as communities tried to recover, these efforts helped ensure families could access and maintain employment, helping our communities rebound and strengthen. We sincerely hope these efforts will not be thwarted by potential government shutdowns. Our communities need to continue their efforts to rebuild by accessing child care and maintaining employment.”

A future government shutdown will immediately leave some Head Start programs without federal funds, according to Save the Children. This program is invaluable to families with children age birth to 5, who rely on Head Start for early learning and care. CCRC research found that 98% of participating families said Head Start helped prepare their child to succeed and helped the parent(s) accept or keep a job. Read the full Head Start impacts report here.

If Congress cannot reach an agreement, The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) could also see funding cuts for over 6 million participants nationwide. Many families who rely on CCRC for child care and education services also depend on federal funding to feed their family.

The National League of Cities reports that the likelihood of Congress reaching an agreement on all 12 federal spending bills by the November 17 deadline is low, meaning a shutdown is still likely. CCRC is actively urging lawmakers to work to avoid a shutdown while fighting for the support children and families need to thrive.

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