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CCRC’s new video series guides families and providers on child care journey

Children are the future and their success later in life depends on these early years, but we know finding the right child care program to foster their development can be stressful.

And, while many people are passionate about child development, the path to becoming a child care provider can be intimidating. To better help you on your journey, Child Care Resource Center presents a series of educational videos to simplify the experience – we hold your hand while you hold theirs.

Family Child Care Journeys is a five-part video series created by the professionals at CCRC. Thanks to a generous grant from the Stein Family Fund at the California Community Foundation, these high quality videos feature a mix of animation and live action to make this learning experience entertaining. In order reach a wider audience, one of the videos is in Spanish.

Cristen, a new mother who gave birth in January, said she feels a sense of comfort and direction after watching Finding Quality Care for my Child. In that episode, a new mother explores her child care options for her baby. After consulting with her mother, the woman learns there are many types of child care available. Cristen says she related to the woman and was empowered by the types of questions asked regarding the best environment of care.

“Waiting 13 years to have my little girl, it was both exciting and scary when we finally had her,” says Cristen. “It can be daunting, the idea of sending her to child care, but with these videos I feel more prepared.”

Mothers like Cristen want what’s best for their children and that means quality early education. But not all care options are created equal and the episode Early Education is Key demonstrates the importance of socializing with other children, as well as adults. An enriching environment fosters brain development during the critical early years of life. Child care providers facilitate early learning through interaction, play and engagement, like in this video, where a child care provider promotes language and cognitive development through play.

When Cristen’s child gets a little older, she may experience the same worries as little Maya in the episode called Child Care Quality Checklist. In this episode, Maya questions whether she will like the provider, the kids in class or the toys. Maya loves interviewing her teddy bear so her mother encourages her to “report” back on her new experience, which turns out to be fun and increases her independence.

For those who feel called to make a difference in the lives of children and families as a child care provider, A Career in Family Child Care walks us through the process. In this video, a prospective provider shows up at a Resource and Referral location to learn more. This animated episode takes the worry out of the experience by breaking down the requirements step by step.

Because it’s so important to hear the experiences of real families and child care providers, the episode Child Care Supports Working Families provides testimonials from real people. Although each family has unique needs when it comes to child care, they all share a common desire for a quality, safe and enriching child care environment. Listen as real families discuss what they value most in their child’s care giver, like one mom who appreciates the opportunity for her son to engage in dual language learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

We hope you finish this video series with a sense of confidence and empowerment, knowing you are about to embark on a child care journey that prepares your child for success. Starting with the episode Finding Quality Care for my Child, you can watch the complete series by clicking the Youtube video below.

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