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Eligible families can receive help with child care costs through CCRC

Early learning and child care are a necessity for all families but not everyone can afford the steep costs of care for their children. Using funds provided through the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), we can help certain families with the cost of child care.

Agencies like Child Care Resource Center contract with CDSS to access federal and state child care development subsidies, called vouchers, for CalWORKs and eligible families. To qualify, parents must meet certain state income requirements and need care because they are employed, seeking employment, in vocational training, seeking permanent housing, and/or are incapacitated.

For eligible families, these programs support their child care decisions and make payments to their chosen child care providers. Alternative Payment Programs benefit hundreds of thousands of working families by prioritizing parent choice of programs that support their work schedule and child’s developmental needs.

Parents may select child care services from licensed centers and preschools, licensed family child care homes, or family, friend and neighbor (license-exempt providers). Child development services for children from birth through 12 years of age, and older children with exceptional needs, are available. Parents are their child’s first and most important teachers, which is why parent choice in a care provider and early educator is so critical. Using the Keys to Quality Child Care Checklist, families can pose to prospective providers questions regarding health and safety, nutrition, learning, communication, caregiver-child interactions and more.

Throughout the pandemic, these programs have distributed emergency essential worker child care vouchers, family child care and center stipends and pandemic supplies, diapers, food and clothing. Click here to learn more and see if your family qualifies.

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