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Festive pumpkin decoration ideas that are child-safe

The fall season is upon us and many families will get together to carve pumpkins. If you have little ones at home who aren’t quite ready to use a carving tool on their own, these goofy gourd ideas will have your kids howling with laughter.

Paper or Styrofoam Cups

The uses are endless when it comes to accessorizing your pumpkin using Styrofoam cups. Maybe your child prefers to decorate it with markers and a sparkly topper to make a fun party hat. Color a pair of them brown and turn them upside down to use as dog ears. Or perhaps a cute little kiwi bird with big cone eyes will be the perfect use for these cups. Encourage your child to be creative with their ideas and help them affix the cup to the pumpkin using glue or a push pin.

Fuzzy Sticks (Pipe Cleaners)

These twisty-turny, bendy materials are a great option for creating glasses or curly mustaches on your pumpkin. Some children might enjoy wrapping the stem of the pumpkin in sparkly colored pipe cleaners. Find a pack with Halloween colors or think outside the box and try a variety pack. Either way, they’re mess free and safe for even younger children.


Using non-toxic paint (brands like Crayola, Magicfly, or Eco-Kids), your child has endless possibilities for decorating the pumpkin. For young toddlers, try painting their hand and pressing it on a pumpkin to make a handprint. Children will enjoy painting faces or Halloween images such as goblins or mummies on their pumpkin. Using paint can get a little messy so try spreading out newspaper or trash bags on the table before you begin.


Whether they’re the fasteners that have fallen off old shirts, a collection of extras buttons, or googly eyes, buttons are a great way to add some flair to your gourd. Just take some non-toxic glue and paste away. A polka dot style or scary 30-eyed pumpkin are just two ideas for adding some spice. **Buttons can be a choking hazard for toddlers and infants so use caution when working with buttons.**

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