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Craft: Make a pizza without a trip to the grocery store

One of the most kid-friendly meals is pizza, a dish that originated in Naples, Italy in the 1940s and has roots in ancient Greece as flatbread. With this craft, that beloved cheesy wheel of bread can be a fun way to make art. With this project, kids can create their own “toppings” and build the pizza just the way they like it. This is a good way to not only spark creativity, but familiarizes children with different ingredients.

What you need: Construction paper, scissors (adults should use these), markers, glue and a paper plate.

Step 1: Ask your child to trace a circle on a red piece of construction paper using the paper plate. Do the same with a brown piece of construction paper.

Step 2 (for the adult): Cut brown paper to create a circle. Cut the red paper to create a circle, but continue cutting around the outline until it’s about 1” smaller in circumference than the brown circle.

Step 3: Instruct your child to glue the red paper on top of the brown so it looks like sauce inside a crust. Then glue the brown paper to the plate.

Step 4: Using markers, your child draw different toppings on the sauce – try mushrooms, pepperoni, green peppers and onions.

Step 5: Help your child tear off small pieces of yellow construction paper and glue them over the top of the ingredients so that you can still see the drawings poking out.

Step 6: Hang your creation on the fridge for meal time inspiration.

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