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Smile Starter: DIY Story Stones

Story stones are a great way to practice children’s sequencing, vocabulary and recall skills. Plus, they’re super fun to play with! Spark creativity by making up a story about dinosaurs, or base your story on what children remember about a recent trip to the museum, zoo or park. 

Here’s what to do:

  • Gather up a bunch of stones and rocks that are smaller than your palm, but still big enough to decorate.
  • If you found your rocks outside, give them a nice wash to get any dirt off. (Be sure they’re dry before you begin painting them.)
  • Talk about what kind of story and types of scenes and characters you’d like to create.
  • After deciding on a story, start painting each of your rocks with a separate character, item or scene. For example, paint stones with a pig, cow and barn if you’d like to create a story about visiting a farm.
  • Let the paint dry.
  • Cover the stones with a light coat of spray varnish or Mod Podge (if you have it) to protect the paint.
  • Leave a few stones unpainted, as you may want to add new ones as your story unfolds.
  • Start telling your story!

Think about making story sets based on fun family activities like camping, going to the beach and playing at the park. And, consider creating stones with the sun, rain and snow as these make great additions to any story.

Thanks for the great idea, Handmade Mood! For more information and pictures, please visit:

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