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Welcome the spring season with these fun activities to do at home

Spring is a season marked by beautiful flower blooms, chicks and bunny rabbits.

In this fun, creative craft for both younger and older children alike, you can turn your windows into mess-free murals.

According to Imagination Tree, you will need sheets of colored foam paper, scissors, a pencil and a cup of water.

  1. Ask your child to use the pencil to outline shapes like flowers, chicks, clouds and bunny rabbits on the foam sheet.
  2. Help your child cut out the shape (parents should do this for younger children).
  3. Walk your child through dipping their fingers into the cup of water, then lightly rubbing over the back of the foam cut out.
  4. Your child can then stick the foam to the window and arrange the shapes into a mural however they like.

The foam cutouts will stay on the window until either you remove them or the water has completely evaporated. The foam can be used again and again, brightening up any room in the home. And the best part? No mess to wipe up or clean off once the mural is complete!

Mimic the beautiful blooms that come with spring by creating your own dye at home with this craft from Imagination Tree.

You will need a rod of some kind (like a pencil or small stick), water color paper or a doily, food coloring, white vinegar (or substitute lemon juice), string and jars or mugs.

1)           Pour ½ cup of water into each jar.

3)           Help your child measure out one teaspoon of vinegar for each jar and pour it in.

4)           Your child can then insert 10 to 20 drops of food coloring into the jars (one color per jar).

5)           Fold corners of the paper or doily and insert into the dye.

6)           Once the dye on the paper has dried, push the rod through the center of the paper or doily and pinch the paper around rod so it looks like a flower.

7)           Tie a piece of string around the paper and rod to hold it in place, then enjoy the beautiful flower.

These faux flowers can be pushed into the soil of your garden or showcased in an empty vase.

Courtesy: Imagination Tree

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