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Gateways & ECE Registry

The California Early Care and Education Workforce Registry 

The California Early Care and Education Workforce Registry (CA ECE Registry) is an online system that supports early childhood professionals through diverse training opportunities. The free registry tracks and promotes the education, training and experience of early education and care providers in order to improve professionalism and workforce quality to positively impact children.

Take advantage of its many features:

  • Stay informed on all upcoming virtual and in-person training opportunities across the state through the training calendar.
  • Manage and pull coursework reports you can share with employers.
  • Use the included Resume Builder which pulls information from your professional profile and adds it to an easy-to-use format.

Become a member of the CA ECE Registry and build your professional profile by visiting www.caregistry.org. For help creating your profile and many other resources, click here.

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Overview of the CA ECE Workforce Registry

How to create a CA ECE Workforce Registry profile 

CCRC’s trainings are open to San Bernardino and Los Angeles County providers. If you are having trouble registering for a training, please contact us at 818-717-1042 or email [email protected].

Gateways for Early Educators

Image of Gateways for Early Educators™ Passport

Every year, Child Care Resource Center works with Early Care and Education (ECE) professionals to help them reach their professional development goals. With the help of the Gateways for Early Educators™ (Gateways) Passport, ECE professionals are now able to track their growth and development.

The Gateways Passport is a professional development pathway with 12 focus areas aligned with the California ECE Competencies, which serve to strengthen and improve the quality of professional development opportunities available to the ECE workforce. To complete a Gateways Passport, ECE professionals must attend at least two qualifying 2-hour trainings in each focus area (48 total hours of training).

Participants who complete their Gateways Passport are acknowledged at the Annual Karen Kaye Award of Achievement Celebration. This award was named to honor Karen Kaye, whose vision paved the way for the development of the Gateways for Early Educators™ initiative. ECE professionals can complete up to three Passports.

To begin your journey to earning your Gateways Passport, join the ECE Workforce Registry.   

When you sign-up for a FREE Registry account, you will be able to:

  • Search, view and register for Gateways eligible trainings.
  • Track your training hours and check your progress with a personalized virtual Gateways Passport.

For questions, please contact us at 818-717-1042 or [email protected].

Please note, the Gateways Passport is currently available to Los Angeles County Residents. If you are an ECE Professional living in San Bernardino County, please contact Mercedes Williams at (909) 279-2828 for more information on how you can reach your professional development goals.


Child Care Resource Center Training

CCRC offers high-quality trainings designed to deepen professional knowledge and strengthen the ECE field.

The Infant/Toddler Strand Catalog is coming soon.

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