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One Billion for Babies

This year, the ECE Coalition is rallying behind a proposal to increase child care funding by $1 billion to create additional child care spaces to immediately improve access for California’s families. The proposal is amicably referred to as “Billion for…
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CCRC Discusses the Universal Pre-K Movement

Northridge, CA – Amidst the ongoing debates surrounding the upcoming California gubernatorial election and the continual national discussion regarding Early Childhood Education (ECE) and funding, Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) found it timely to focus their 27th Annual Policy Forum…
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You Shop and Amazon Smile Gives Back

Supporting CCRC while shopping on Amazon? Yes, it does exist! For years, the Amazon Smile Foundation has donated over $69 million dollars to charities around the world! Yes, you read that correctly, $69 million dollars!
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You work. Let EITC work for you!

For the last 40 years, Earned Income Tax Credit made life better for millions of workers. You may have extra money waiting for you. If you qualify and claim the credit, it could be as much as $6,318 from the IRS for…
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Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) is pleased to announce it has received funding to develop an 18-month pilot program to promote Vroom in Los Angeles County. Funding for the Vroom grant was provided by The LA Partnership for Early Childhood…
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Vroom turns shared moments into brain building moments.

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