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Opportunity for professional growth still inspiring CCRC’s Cyndi Trujillo after 26 years

The opportunity to grow and develop professionally at Child Care Resource Center is one of the many reasons Resource and Referral Manager Cyndi Trujillo has worked for the agency for 26 years.

Not only is she fascinated by the trainings and programs afforded to her through CCRC, Trujillo says the opportunity to build her skills allows her to help local families in a much deeper way. Here’s more of what she had to say:

What’s your role with the agency and what are your responsibilities?

“I’m a manager in R&R. I oversee some of the training programs for child care providers, which helps make things better for kids and families. We have preventative health and safety trainings through CDE, CPR reimbursement programs and classes, and academy trainings. I also oversee our department’s social enterprises, which are programs that are aligned with values of CCRC but through a business model, where we earn revenue through service provided. We can use that revenue to fund programs that aren’t otherwise funded.”

How did you come to CCRC?

“I majored in child development but wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do, though I knew I wanted to help kids. I had a sense that I didn’t want to be directly in the classroom but always wanted to be helping kids and families. I applied at CCRC because I was referred by a friend who was working there at the time. I got the job right as I was graduating college. The position was case management, prior to the CalWorks program.”

How has the department changed since then?

“When I first started with agency, there were only 50 employees. The division has also changed significantly. There were about a dozen in R&R and now about 80 people across two counties and five offices. We have significantly more programs. I currently manage five people.”

What motivates you to work every day?

“The growth and development; I’m continuously able to grow. We are allowed to attend professional development opportunities and conferences, which continues to expand my knowledge. I have a passion for learning. Another thing that keeps me here – definitely my coworkers, I love my team. I’m grant funded and grants come and go. Some are for three or five years, some are indefinite. But when they go away, you wonder ‘is this it?’ Thankfully the agency is really good about holding on to employees and fitting their skills into a position that’s available.”

Is there are a memory that stands out to you in your time with CCRC?

“Back when I was in case management, a single parent needed help enrolling. She came in for an appointment and gave me a little cardboard box in the shape of heart. It had something cute on it, nothing inside of it. She felt like she needed to give me something for helping her out with childcare. That was back in case management, I still have it. It’s a reminder to me of why I continue.”

What does CCRC mean to you?

“The agency tries to build a feeling of community and it’s always about quality programs for people in community – children, parents, providers. We always want to be better, offer higher quality programs, create higher quality of life. We make the community a better place for families.”

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