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Healthy holiday snack recipe

The holidays are often a time of over-indulgence in sugary, buttery foods that aren’t the best source of nutrition for growing bodies. Balance is key to a healthy diet, so help kids get the nutrition they need while having fun with food in this holiday recipe. Just like cookie decorating, kids will enjoy adorning these cut outs with colorful toppings. Make toast ornaments that are sweet, savory or both! Sweet ingredients are indicated below in red and savory ones are green. **Parents should slice the ingredients.

Courtesy: Haute and Healthy Living


1 loaf of whole wheat bread

1 tub of cream cheese


Toast the bread. Using cookie cutters, punch out shapes from the bread.

Spread cream cheese on each cut out piece of bread.

Allow kids to decorate their toasts with sweet or savory ingredients (or get wild and use both). Maybe make a star with a slice of provolone cheese!

Once they are decorated, enjoy!

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