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What We do

CCRC Head Start has for more than 20 years provided a quality early learning experience to young children. Our award-winning program offers a safe and enriching environment for children to learn and grow. Nutrition, wellness exams, and family involvement are all part of this comprehensive experience. Services are also available to infants and pregnant mothers.

Head Start serves 3- and 4-year-old children across the San Fernando Valley. The program expanded in 2009 to offer Early Head Start services for children 0-3. In 2014, Palmdale School District began to directly provide Head Start and Early Head Start services as a partner of CCRC.

To learn more about the programs we offer click the programs below:

  • Early Head Start 0-3 (Center Base)
  • Early Head Start 0-3 & Pregnant Women (Home Base)
  • General Child Development Program 0-3 (CCTR)
  • Early Head Start Child Care Partnership 0-4
  • Head Start Preschool 3-5 (Center Base)
  • California State Preschool Program 3-5
  • Head Start Family Child Care Home 3-5

To ensure success of all children, learning is driven by each child’s interest, facilitated by the expertise of staff and parents while using appropriate research-based curriculums (Creative Curriculum at centers and Parents as Teachers at home-based locations).

Comprehensive services are provided to both the enrolled child and family to ensure overall family well-being. The program is committed to supporting children’s educational growth and development at all ages, and to ensuring families are ready to transition with their child to kindergarten and beyond.