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Early Learning

Head Start provides young learners with social and academic skills that prepare them for school.

What to expect in the EHS Home Based Program:

  • One weekly home visit with a qualified educator
  • Two monthly group socialization opportunities
  • Year round services
  • Curriculum based program using the evidence based Parents as Teachers curriculum. (https://parentsasteachers.org/)
  • Comprehensive services including health, nutrition, family services, mental health, and inclusion
  • Parent and child activities that enhance parent and child interactions that support the development of children


Expecting mothers in the EHS Home Based Program receive information regarding:

  • Prenatal care
  • Maternal wellness
  • Group connections doula services
  • Breastfeeding and lactation support
  • Support with medical appointments
  • Maternal wellness
  • Referrals and resources in the community


What to expect in EHS Child Care Partnership & HS Family Child Care Home program:

  • Through various weekly planned activities that follow children’s interests, providers ensure infants and toddlers learn to regulate their emotions and behavior, establish and sustain positive relationships, participate cooperatively as a member of the group and develop positive approaches to learning.
  • For the preschool age group, teachers assess what children already know and what children want to know, then develop lessons that are connected to their world. This way of learning is more natural and helps guide children’s interests. Through the lesson, children are able to communicate their level of understanding.
  • We observe each child’s progress as they learn new skills and we support them along the way. We keep track and determine what each child knows and can do. This information helps us plan for further teaching and learning.
  • We summarize and share children’s progress with parents several times throughout the year through parent conferences and home visits.
  • We know that you are your child’s lifelong educator, therefore we believe in the importance of partnering and learning from you to get to know your child. We believe your ideas are valuable, therefore developing a plan for your child with you is part of our curriculum. Families are engaged in all aspects of the program in order to impact the learning and development of their children.
  • Home activities are shared with families weekly to connect home to school learning.


Head Start 0-5 Center Based:

  • Classroom environments that are warm, welcoming, and inclusive to meet each child’s individual needs.
  • A curriculum-based program using the evidence-based Creative Curriculum. This curriculum helps teachers build children’s confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills that promote positive outcomes. Click here to learn more about Creative Curriculum.
  • Daily routines that help your child feel secure and gain independence.
  • Daily activities that include a balance of indoor/outdoor, individual/ group, and active/quiet play.
  • Teachers that will help support your child’s home language and introduce English through planned activities in the daily routine. In addition, to build your child’s knowledge of the world outside of the classroom, culturally inclusive activities are offered.
  • Teachers observe your child’s development, and during the parent conferences and home visits, families have the opportunity to discuss their child’s growth across each developmental area. Together you will develop goals for your child.
  • Outdoor environments that promote a variety of skills for the children.
  • Healthy age-appropriate meals for breakfast, lunch and a snack. Menus for these meals are posted in all the classrooms.
  • Monthly parent committee meetings where families are invited to run for a seat on the parent committee.